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About Granite and Quartz

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Granite is classified as an igneous rock, and is formed by the crystallisation of magma as it cools in the Earth’s crust.
Granite predominantly consists of the following minerals:

  • quartz
  • mica
  • feldspar
  • plagioclase feldspar


Granite offers beauty, easy care and durability. Granite is consistently hard, with very dense grain, making it difficult to stain and hard to scratch. Although we would not recommend subjecting it to very drastic and sudden changes in temperature, it is actually highly resistant to temperature damage, and is an ideal material near ranges or hearths. Cutting & chopping on granite is not recommended, simply because steel knives will swiftly lose their edge, blunted by the hard stone. Its smooth dense structure also means that it provides few havens for bacteria, and is therefore ideally suited for kitchen worktops.


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